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Josh Irvine Recognized as 2016 Young Achiever by SDX

On November 10, 2016, I was recognized as 2016’s Young Achiever by SDX. This award is given to the San Diego-based advertiser who is under 32 years of age, and who the SDX voting panel believed best represented the advertising community of San Diego for that year, in that age group.

It was a tremendous honor to receive it, and while I personally am grateful for the recognition, having Kameleon Advertising receive this award is far-and-away my prouder accomplishment, due to the hard work put forth by myself, Kameleon’s Creative Director, Briana Gibson, and the many talented people we work with on a daily basis.

Young Achiever

In order to receive this award, we needed five letters of recommendation, for which I was overwhelmingly blessed by the clients, mentors and peers who recommended me. I always believe that we as people are the average of those we surround ourselves with, and fortunately, I am surrounded by many talented people. To them I attribute the professional skills I’ve developed to the countless hours put into either mentoring me, or working with me.

SDX and Ad2 San Diego

Furthermore, I am blessed to be part of the largest  San Diego-based advertising club, Ad2 San Diego, which operates as the sister company to SDX. Joining Ad2 San Diego has been one of the smartest professional decisions I have made, and the amount of time I have put into it has yielded tremendous “ROI” (couldn’t help myself).

I would highly encourage anyone reading this, and/or considering joining the club to get in touch with me at josh@kameleonadvertising.com. In 2016 I served as the co-chair of the Sponsorship Committee and met a number of people who continue to be tremendous sources of inspiration, and not to mention, lead generators for me as well.

Looking ahead, we at Kameleon are excited to continue our work with Ad2 San Diego and SDX, and hope to see it grow, as it’s one of San Diego’s finest non-profit organizations.