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In Regards to Going Freelance

IMG_0728In 2016, Kameleon Advertising was founded as a result of it’s owner choosing the “freelance life.”

 The first half of this year has been both a blessing and a whirlwind. On one hand, I’ve had to wrestle with the pain of leaving a wonderful company, with colleagues who were my friends, and a boss who still has my utmost respect. On the other hand, I’ve felt empowered and motivated like never before to see this fledgling project of mine take off.

My intent with this company, from the blogs on this webpage, to the work leaving the shop, will be founded on the principles that drove me to seek this adventure to begin with: humility and purpose.

Forgive me as I proceed with going against both of these principles right off the bat, and wholly dedicate this blog to my first-hand account of how I got this thing started, and what was the driving force behind doing it.

I hope I’m able to look back on this blog year-after-year from this point forward and read the following line to myself…

“Up until this point, you’ve enjoyed working with the ‘purposeful’ and ‘humble’ brands the most.”

In that regard, I see an opportunity to be a disrupter in an industry that is so often coupled with glamor and glitz. After all, doesn’t the most flavorful work in advertising belong to the Nike and Budweiser-esque brands?

Well-deserved by all accounts, but at the same time, I found myself more interested in the challenge of getting less famous, dare I say “purposeful”’ messages out, and connecting audiences with services that is truly needed.

My favorite thing about the digital marketing revolution is a brand’s accessibility to their target audience. I’m probably preaching to the choir here, by the hyper-targeting capabilities are now penetrating all generations, as people in need of life saving services, and other critical services of that nature, are getting reached as needed.

When I look back on brands I’ve worked on such as The Elizabeth Hospice, Mission Healthcare, and San Diego Humane Society, I feel blessed to have contributed towards getting the message out, and helping promote the ‘purpose’ of these organizations.

I believe that today’s advertising landscape lends itself to allow the smaller brands to be able to compete in their market with thoughtful and strategic advertising.

Coupled with the funneling of advertising into all things digital, I want Kameleon Advertising the go-to shop for being able to identify a brands digital absence, and fill the void while continually drive their traffic, and ultimately their business, to its highest potential.

So with humility and purpose, I promise to never write a blog of this nature again, and remain true to only publishing educational, observational and motivational content.

Welcome to Kameleon Advertising. We’re thrilled you’re here.